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In late 1993, Augusta, Maine resident Carroll Ayer wondered why no consumer support group for the Macintosh computer existed in the capital area. The Capital Apple, Mac, Performa User Group (“CAMP”) organized to fill that void.

CAMP is a Maine nonprofit, tax-exempt corporation whose members have banded together to share their expertise and increase their computing knowledge. CAMP is not sponsored by or affiliated with any vendor or commercial organization.

Joining a user group is the best way to learn what’s going on in the Mac community and to brainstorm with other Mac users. The odds are high that if you’re having problems with a particular piece of software or hardware, there will be someone else who has been down that road before and can help you work through it. CAMP is a particularly valuable resource for first-time Mac owners. Notwithstanding the Mac's ease of use, it’s common for new users to run into easily-solved difficulties that may seem insurmountable at the time. CAMP is here to help the novice.

The most popular feature of our meetings is an unstructured discussion in which members bring up problems they have run into in using their computers, software and peripherals. It is always a surprise to learn that someone else has grappled with the same difficulty you are facing. Nothing beats collaboration in a group setting for brainstorming and problem-solving.

Our monthly meetings have two major components: 1) A 30 minute open question and answer period based on recent member experience 2) A 45-60 minute presentation showcasing software or hardware topics. We make sure there is something for everyone at each meeting. CAMP meets at 6:30 p.m. on the second Wednesday of every other month at Buker Community Center, 22 Armory St, Augusta, ME 04330 .(See Directions for dates.)

Community outreach is an important part of CAMP’s mission. Through adult education courses, technology displays, seminars and other activities, we show the public how personal computing can enrich their lives.

Want more? CAMP publishes a monthly electronic newsletter (older issues are archived on our web site) and maintains a lending library of books and training tapes. We have a complete library of older CAMP software archives on CD. Plus, we regularly receive discount offers on hardware, software and books.

For more information, contact membership director Mike Knight at 588-0088.

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Carroll Ayer

Carroll is our founding father and first president. Along with several other Macanauts, he "built the CAMP", so that area Mac users could benefit from each other's experience and knowledge without the hassle of traveling an hour to other user group meetings. This web site is an extension of what we offer our members and the public through meetings, our newsletter and special events.

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